This week ends being another one with positive progress! Our bill A-4520 picked up THREE more CO-Sponsors in the Assembly bringing the total legislatures sponsoring our bill to 16! THANK YOU Assemblywoman Diane Gove (R) and Assemblyman Brian Rumpf (R) from District 9, and Assemblywoman Linda Carter (D) from District 22 for co-sponsoring our bill!
On the Senate side, our companion bill S-3133 also picked up its third sponsor! Senator Michael Doherty (R) from District 23 Co-sponsored S-3133 bringing our total to 3 sponsors in the Senate! THANK YOU Senator Doherty for sponsoring our bill.

In other legislative news, another bill was introduced to correct the unintended consequences that A-1753 unleased on the Jersey Shore’s Tourism Economy. Senator Vin Gopal (D) from District 11 introduced S-3158 “Makes transient accommodation taxes and fees only applicable if rented through marketplace” and Assemblywoman Joann Downey (D) also from District 11, introduced an identical bill in the Assembly.

That makes a total of three corrective pieces of legislation that have been introduced to save our shore’s tourism economy from this dangerous new sales and occupancy tax. While there is GREAT bipartisan support to remove this “shore tax”, we need to get this corrected BEFORE vacationers start to book their summer vacations and get turned away by the increase cost this tax imposes. We need BOTH owners AND those who vacation at the Jersey Shore to speak up!

We posted a NEW “Call to action” on our home page. Please follow those directions and take action. Specifically, if you live in Middlesex County and Vacation at the Jersey Shore, please contact Speaker Coughlin’s office and tell him how this tax will affect your vacation plans. Please send him an email at Request that he schedule A-4520 for the next committee hearing on January 17th so we can get this corrected!