It looks like it might be…back in May 2021, legislation (S3715) was introduced by Senator Cryan (District 20) and then was reported out of the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee later that month. It was then fast tracked through the Senate and passed on June 3 by a vote of 24-11.

That same week, Assemblywoman Quijano (Also from District 20) introduced identical legislation (A5804) on the Assembly side and it was immediately referred to the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee. Thankfully, that committee never met before the legislature took its summer/election break at the end of June!

So, what does this bill propose? – “Modifies certain definitions related to transient accommodation taxes and fees.” Within the bill that regulates how taxes are applied, there are a host of definitions of which they want to change two. Specifically “obtained through a transient marketplace” and “transient space marketplace.”

What does this mean? If approved these amended definitions could again be misinterpreted, and could capture additional rentals that should not be taxed. In 2019 the NJSRC had a lot of work to do to correct another poorly written piece of legislation, the original “AirBnB” bill (A1753/S749) sponsored by, no other than, the same two Legislators mentioned above, Quijano and Cryan. A lot of hard work and with your support, we were able to correct that legislation and remove the shore tax from direct rentals with an owner.

It is much easier to defeat proposed legislation than it is to correct bad legislation that has already been passed. Therefore, we need to get out in front of this, BEFORE November when the Legislatures resumes AND can possibly pass the Assembly version of the bill.

Over the summer and early fall, please check this website often and if you haven’t signed up for our email alerts, please do (see signup on the right side of this page). WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP! Like in 2019, with your support, we will fight hard to keep NJ shore vacations affordable for our middle class families who vacation there.