We did it! Governor Murphy signs bill A-4814 exempting private rentals from the tax!!!

We still have work to do!

The next steps, now that Governor Murphy has signed the bill, is for Treasury to publish the “Guidance” on the new law.

Much like when the original tax law was passed last Summer, Treasury’s interpretation of the law and how they plan to enforce it can impact how we all do business in New Jersey. That is why the Coalition, through our Public Affairs Counsel, intends to support the process by sharing with Treasury our concerns, opinions and suggestions regarding legislative intent and regulated community compliance.

Please continue to follow along and we will provide updates as they become available.


While the law has been fixed, our work here isn’t done.
In addition to some remaining expenses this summer, additional funding is needed to support our continued efforts in Trenton. We need our lobbyist to work with Treasury in the coming weeks as they prepare their interpretation and guidance regarding the new law. We want to make sure this is done right! Please donate today.

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