This week we picked up an important Co-Sponsor, Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D) from District 37 bringing the total Sponsors on our Assembly Bill A-4520 to 17 and 3 Sponsors on our identical Senate Bill S-3133!

Huttle is a significant addition for two reasons. A) She was a PRIMARY Sponsor of the current tax law (A-1753) that we are looking to correct…..AND B) She is on the Tourism, Gaming and Arts committee where the bill is currently assigned. We now have 3 co-sponsors who are ON the TGA committee.

Also this week, Speaker Coughlin was on the monthly “Speak to the Speaker” program on WCTC 1450AM. He took a couple of questions from callers about the Shore Rental Tax. The speaker was well aware of the bill to correct the tax, even mentioning it by number (4520). He said they were working on it. Hopefully the direct feedback he received today helps move things along.

Another benefit from this Coughlin’s show was that the story got picked up by who wrote an article about the “shore rental tax.”

The call to action this week remains the same. Please see our home page for specific instructions.