The Coalition is trying to do a better job of keeping everyone informed of the latest goings-on in the NJ legislature. We hope you find our updates helpful, even though they may not provide much new insight.
Anyway, there hasn’t been any activity in the legislature as they are not in session, but we remain active interacting with key legislators. Our lobbyist has been meeting with legislators over the past week or so and has shared some of what he has learned. Phone calls are DEFINITELY getting through. The message back to us is that they are getting plenty of phone calls on this matter….so GOOD JOB everyone!
Right now, we are in a holding pattern as far as “action items” as we await news on the December 3rd committee schedule. We are hopeful that the two bills (A4520, McKeon and S3133, VanDrew) will be added to the agenda. We won’t hear that until sometime next week. Once we confirm that the bills are officially on the agendas, we will likely have another call to action at that time.
Again, we are hopeful that these bills are placed on the agenda for 12/3 and voted out of committee that day. It is our intent to move these bills through the legislature and on to the Governor’s desk by the last scheduled legislative session day, December 17. However, this is a very aggressive plan that may mean that our legislative action may carry into the new year.
In closing, thanks to everyone who has supported these efforts through your phone calls, emails and contributions. If anyone hasn’t contributed yet we still need additional funds to get us through December so please consider making a donation. If you know any other owners who haven’t contributed, please share our campaign site with them and ask them to consider making a donation.