What has been accomplished….

In less than three months, our grass roots campaign has grown from a handful of concerned home owners to thousands of owners, renters and businesses across New Jersey. Together we have all picked up a single bill from the state assembly, added a matching Senate bill, and garnered TWENTY THREE* co-sponsors across both houses. That kind of legislative support is simply unheard of. These are things that NJ shore rental owners should all be proud of and we need to recognize that what we have all accomplished in such a short time is fantastic. This is a long, slow journey, but we are on the right course.

Along the way, The Coalition has set lofty, nearly impossible goals for this legislation. Trying to move legislation as quickly as we are is like trying to push a freight train. We see the frustration when these bills don’t get put on the agenda, and perhaps we’ve set everyone’s expectations too high. As a group of shore rental owners we are literally shooting for the stars and thus should not be disappointed if we fall short. The Coalition will continue to push hard to get this legislation moving as quickly as possible. We just hope that everyone understands that when meeting dates come and go without our legislation being addressed, that hope isn’t lost and as concerned rental owners our efforts haven’t “failed”.

We know that many of you want to see these bills put on the committee agendas and get voted on ASAP, and we do too. While it may seem like nothing is happening on the surface, all of the countless emails and phone calls have had an effect. We now have the attention of Speaker Coughlin who controls legislation in the Assembly. He has now stated publicly that they are “working on legislation” but that he has concerns with the “constitutionality” of the bills. Legislators do NOT like to pass laws that risk being challenged in court and they do not send bills to committee until they are comfortable that the language is finalized. As such, our state legislators and their staff are working on the wording of this bill so that they are comfortable that the legislation won’t face any legal challenges. The Coalition believes that the Speaker’s primary concern is that the tax be applied uniformly across New Jersey, which means crafting language that exempts ALL direct-by-owner rentals from the tax. We at NJSRC support legislation that goes further than what was originally proposed, and we imagine a broader exemption would have even more legislative and public support.

As of right now, the legislation is being re-written so as to comply with constitutional law. In addition, other similar legislation that has been proposed, may be combined and the correction may become statewide. The Coalition hopes to participate in that process, helping to craft the bill that will continue to garner support and successfully continue through the process of committee hearings and full vote.

From time to time we will call upon our fellow shore rental owners to reach out to the elected officials as the bills are reintroduced. The NJSRC is committed to success and pledge to keep you informed every step of the way.

– The NJ Shore Rentals Coalition


* Our sponsor count keeps climbing! 23 total Sponsors and Co-sponsors between the bills.

Assembly Bill A-4520

Primary Sponsors

McKeon, John F.
DeAngelo, Wayne P.
Pinkin, Nancy J.


Handlin, Amy H.
Bucco, Anthony M.
McGuckin, Gregory P.
Wolfe, David W.
DePhillips, Christopher P.
Danielsen, Joe
Dancer, Ronald S.
Peterson, Erik
Land, R. Bruce
Andrzejczak, Bob
Carter, Linda S.
Rumpf, Brian E.
Gove, DiAnne C
Vainieri Huttle, Valerie
Peters, Ryan E.

Senate Bill S-3133

Primary Sponsors

Andrzejczak, Bob
Pennacchio, Joseph


Van Drew, Jeff
Holzapfel, James W.
Doherty, Michael J.
Turner, Shirley K.