As we begin February our legislation has 19 Sponsors in the Assembly and 8 sponsors in the Senate for a total of 27! There are only 120 legislators in the whole state so having 27 sponsors shows overwhelming support for our correction. Your phone calls, emails and financial support has helped us get to this point and we thank you for your contributions and request that you continue to stay engaged to help us finish this fight.

Where do we stand? Well, right now we are still in a holding pattern, waiting for the State to “reconcile” the three pieces of legislation that have been introduced and finalize the language of the correction that will be presented to the Committee. Unfortunately, that language was not finished in time to make this month’s committee meetings.

We know that the owners of Vacation Rentals are in a tough spot right now, and you want the correction as soon as possible. We are vacation rental owners too and we know and feel your frustration! Just hang in there with us, and together we will continue to fight for this correction!

Our Coalition and our Public Advocate continue to work on this every single day. From meetings with key legislators to building the awareness through the media, we continue to fight for you each and every day! One thing we uncovered last week was a report commissioned in 2015 to show the impact a 7% sales tax on vacation rentals would have on the shore economy. The conclusion of that report is that it would have a negative impact on the shore tourism economy and a net tax loss to the state. The almost 12% tax we are dealing with would be even worse! The report can be found here: GRF-NJ-Seasonal-Rentals-Study-2015.

What can you do? We realize you will lose bookings until this is resolved and suggest that for EVERY booking you lose, you reach out to the members of the Leadership at the state and let them know! Please see our home page for this latest call to action.

Thank you for hanging in there with us! Together we will continue to fight till we get this corrected!