The media finally broke the story today!  It was a GREAT article that clearly explains the problem we are facing with the Division of Taxation. If you haven’t seen it, here is a link:

In addition, Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo and his staff  has agreed to work on a clarification for us! But we need your help! It won’t take much time, we need each of you to help so we can keep the momentum going!
We need each of you, and each voting member in your household (if possible) to make 4 PHONE CALLS.

  1. Call the Governor’s Office at: 609-292-6000
  2. Call BOTH of your State Assemblymen/women for your home district
  3. Call your State Senator for your home district

Here is the link to look them up:
Alternate link:

PLEASE CALL DON’T EMAIL – They get thousands of emails a day, but when you call they have to answer the phone. You most likely won’t get to talk to your legislator on the first call, so leave a message with his staff and ASK FOR A CALL BACK!