We are excited to announce that our Assembly Bill A-4520 now has 10 sponsors!

THANK YOU to the following legislators who have signed on to sponsor our bill:
John McKeon, District 27 – PRIMARY Sponsor
Wayne DeAngelo, District 14 – PRIMARY Sponsor
Nancy Pinkin, District 18 – PRIMARY Sponsor
Amy Handlin, District 13 – Co-Sponsor
Anthony Bucco, District 25 – Co-Sponsor
Gregory McGuckin, District 10 – Co-Sponsor
David Wolf, District 10 – Co-Sponsor
Christopher DePhillips, District 40 – Co-Sponsor
Joe Danielsen, District 17 – Co-Sponsor
Ronald Dancer, District 12 – Co-Sponsor

ALSO would like to thank Senator Van Drew, District 1, for being the Primary Sponsor on our identical Senate bill S-3133.

YOUR phone calls and emails have gotten the legislators’ attention and we could not have made this progress in October without you! THANK YOU!

But the fight isn’t over!

NEXT STEPS: Now that our bill has been assigned to the Tourism, Gaming and Arts Committee, and the Community and Urban Affairs Committee, we need to get on their agenda for their December 3, 2018 meeting! If we can get on the Agenda for those meetings, there is a chance we could get these bills to a vote before the last day of the December session on the 17th and then to the Governor’s desk by year end!

This is EVER so important as many vacationers are already looking to book their vacation rentals for next summer, and we all know the volume on inquiries will significantly increase at year end and into the new year. So we will continue to work hard for you in November and we hope you will continue to stay active over the busy month ahead to help us continue letting the legislators know how important this correction is to you and our entire Shore Tourism economy!

If you haven’t done so already, please follow the call to action on our home page. We know there are a lot of legislators for you to call and email, so if you can just make a couple calls and send a couple emails EACH week during the month of November, that will help us get these bills on the Committee Agendas.

Also – if you have lost a rental due to this new tax, please forward the email from your guest to your local legislators, and copy our committee on that email (NJSRCoalition@gmail.com). Show them how the unintended consequences of the Shore Tax is affecting you and ask them to support the legislative correction that our bill A-4520 will provide, to exclude transient accommodations in shore counties from various State and local taxes.

Together we can defeat The NJ Shore Tax!