THANK YOU! To everyone who has called and contributed financially to our fight to repeal The Shore Tax. Over the last two week the Coalition has raised over $6,000 on our Go Fund Me page. While our Coalition consist of Volunteers, we need your financial contributions to support the professionals fighting for us in Trenton!

With a part time legislature in NJ, and with the elections taking place last week, not much has publicly been released over the last 2 weeks. But rest assured our team in Trenton continues to work each and every day to further our cause! Our call to action remains the same, PLEASE call AND email the members of the committees (see home page for contact info) to request that they support A-4520 and S-3133 and include them on the agenda for the next committee meetings on December 3, 2018. We should know the week after Thanksgiving if we are on the agenda, and will update you as soon as we know.

The Coalition is looking for volunteers from ALL of the shore counties to help us spread the word about or movement to repeal the shore tax. If you are in Monmouth, Atlantic, Ocean or Cape May Counties, and would like to volunteer to help our cause, please email