Thank you all who called last week to solicit additional sponsors to our Assembly Bill A-4520! If you didn’t make your call, or send your emails, please see the directions bellow and help us gain additional support for our bills!

While we did get a couple verbal commitments from a few members of the Assembly, as of this morning they have yet to publicly sponsor the bill. So your continued support is needed!

We are posting a new “Call to Action” on the home page. Since our bills have now been referred to committees, we need to get them on the agenda for the next scheduled meetings. With the end of the year approaching, and our BUSY booking season about to begin right after the Holiday’s, we need to let the legislature know that “time is of the essence” and that we need this correction by year end or we WILL lose vacationers and New Jersey’s tourism economy will be negatively impacted!

So please call AND email too, the 7 members of the Assembly and the 5 members of the Senate who are on these committees. Instructions and contact information are detailed on our home page for you to take action. We know it takes time to call and email these 12 people. If you can do 2 or 3 a day for us, that will be fine. EVERY call and email counts so please have ALL voting members in your household do the same.

THANK YOU in advance for your support in getting this correction and defeating the shore tax!


Last Weeks call to action instructions:

If you ARE a NJ resident, we need each of you, and each voting member in your household (if possible) to make 2 PHONE CALLS.

  • Call BOTH of your State Assemblymen/women for your home district
  • If you cannot call, please consider sending an email instead

CLICK HERE to look them up by your Municipality

What should I say?

If you need help with what to say, please feel free to use the following script:

Via Phone:

Assemblymen John McKeon and Wayne DeAngelo recently introduced bill A-4520 which would waive taxes on transient accommodations in shore counties that were imposed this year. A-4520 corrects this unfortunate, unintended consequence by allowing for small time vacation rental owners, like me, the opportunity to rent out my properties without imposing additional tax burden on my renters. As a resident of your district, I respectfully request that you support A-4520 and sign on as co-sponsor.

Short version:

Assemblymen McKeon & DeAngelo recently introduced bill A-4520 which exempts the Jersey Shore from the State’s Sales & Occupancy taxes. As a resident of your district, I respectfully request that you support A-4520 and sign on as co-sponsor.

NOTE: If you send an email, please do not cut and paste this ‘script’ word for word. “Form” messages are less effective as hundreds of identical emails diminishes their effect. Please take a moment to ‘tweak” the wording before you send it. Use our email generator that can be found in our  Look Up Tool to get started!