Call to Action:

We need EVERYONE, Owners, Renter, and Business Owners…EVERYONE who is involved with tourism at the shore to contact Governor Murphy’s office with the following message:


Governor Murphy,
Please support and sign A4814/A4520/S3158, the correction to the shore tax that exempts direct rentals, so that we can (pick one):
“salvage this summer”
“provide relief for our middle class vacationers”
“afford a vacation on the Jersey Shore”
“leave middle class vacationers with more money in their pocket to spend locally while on vacation at the shore”
“hopefully book the empty weeks we have left this summer”

PLEASE sign this bill ASAP as the summer vacation season has begun and EVERY day counts!

Thank you!

Your name, (town you live in)


How to Reach the Governor:

Please call AND email the Governor at 609 292-6000 and Please contact him every day, as this law will go into effect IMMEDIATELY once he signs it! Remember, Governor Murphy was publicly AGAINST a tax on Shore Rentals during the budget battle last summer. This, with the unanimous support (no “no” votes at all) from the legislature, makes a strong case for fast action!

Here are five articles from last year’s budget battle quoting Gov. Murphy’s strong opposition to the shore rental tax. The first article contains an excellent video clip of Murphy stating his position against the tax at the 1:03 & 2:49 marks. This can all be referenced when asking for his support: