The NJ Shore Rentals Coalition wanted to put out an update on the progress of the correction to the Transient Occupancy Tax. The Coalition has been talking with legislative staff and been getting excellent feedback. One of the most common things we are hearing is that this legislation is moving “at lightning speed”. While it may not feel like we are getting anywhere, compared to most legislation, this is going at a record pace. The reason this is happening is because of your emails and phone calls to your legislators as well as your appearances at Town Hall meetings. Staff members have told us that the volume of calls and emails is what has pushed this legislation forward. So thank you for your support and please continue to reach out to your representatives when we post a “call to action”. You are having an impact!

As far as where the legislation stands currently, the legislature is not officially meeting in April as they are on “budget break” until the beginning of May. That is not to say that nothing is happening, there are just not scheduled committee meetings and voting sessions until then. The corrective legislation that The Coalition is supporting has been re-written and has met the approval of Assembly Speaker Coughlin. That revised language is currently being reviewed by the Governor’s staff and awaiting their “pre-approval”. The next step in the journey is committee approvals in both Senate and Assembly. That could come as early as the beginning of May. Both Senate and Assembly would need to then move the bills to budget committees for approval before hitting the floor for a full vote on each side. The earliest this could possibly happen would be the end of May. That is a long shot, but we will continue to push to get this legislation approved by both Senate and Assembly before Memorial Day. Then it would be on to the Governor’s desk for his signature. Senate President Sweeney has already publicly stated his support to get this done before Summer and The Coalition hopes to hold him to that! While Memorial Day may be our goal, and a challenging one at that, we are being told that legislators are confident this will be done before July 1st. So keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for updates as this legislation moves forward.

Thank you again for all of your support, The NJ Shore Rentals Coalition

PLEASE keep checking our home page for the latest call to action.